About the Owners

Why Did We Get Into This Business?

My wife Martha and I began our search for a pet resort in 2019.  We both felt strongly that we wanted to wake up each day, to what we love which is working with animals.

About Harry

Harry grew up in Southern New Hampshire and has always had a love for animals. Growing up he had a black lab named Atlas who struggled with arthritis from a young age. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Merrimack College he went on to get a masters degree in finance at Villanova University.


Harry is an active member of the Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston. Harry shows Labrador Retrievers at venues across the United States and competes in Rally Obedience, Dock Diving, Fast Cat, and more with his dogs.


Harry is also on the board of Foliage Retrievers Service Dogs, Inc. a Meredith based non-profit that trains service dogs for individuals with PTSD that have been ineligible for a dog from other organizations.

Questions About
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About Martha

From an early age, Martha tried to surround herself with animals as much as possible. She spent her time volunteering at local shelters and rescues. Martha found her passion for training dogs while in college at Franklin and Marshall where she trained her first service dog, Yoda. He taught her to become a better handler and gave her the independence she needed to continue learning.


Martha has a specialty in early puppyhood development and socialization, she helps owners navigate the process of finding a puppy, matching it to their needs, safely socializing them, and assisting owners in the process of building a solid foundation for the puppy to grow into a confident adult dog. We offer basic obedience, intermediate, all the way to advanced behaviors and troubleshooting any issues that may arise in the form of private training and board and trains.

Martha’s goal is to help build the relationship between the dog and their handler.

How to Reach Us

As always, please feel free to stop by and allow us to introduce ourselves in-person. We’ve been so humbled by the warm welcome we have received. We thank you for trusting us with the care of your loved ones.

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